Wall Effects

Wall Effects is a brand of Shripal Traders, which deals with many creative, attractive and pleasing designs of wallpapers.

The place where you live should be as alive and full of energy as you. This is where Wall Effects comes in. Wallcoverings by Wall Effects make your home / office look more elegant and interactive and add a distinctive ambience to it.


Looks :

Wall Effects Wallcoverings are far more better when it comes to looks. as Wallcoverings by Wall Effects come in many designs, patterns, colours, textures, etc. Unlike paint, wallcoverings by Wall Effects gives you exact colour and design that you expect or imagine while choosing. Even a single wall covered with Wall Effects wallcovering can give the highlight to the room and add a wow factor to them.


Cost efficiency :

Besides the attractive look, Wall Effects wallcoverings are also well known for it's long lasting nature. A properly done Wall Effects wallpaper lasts three times longer than paint and it does not leave any mess to clean afterwards. It can last as long as 15 years and is more cost efficient.


Effects and Illusions :

Wallcoverings come in many cleaverly designed and creative patterns that can give brightness to an interior. Also, make the interior look larger and spacious. Vertical Designs can make it look taller and wider. Besides, Wall Effects wallcoverings are not just limited to do walls. If you allow your creative self think about it, there are many ways to use these designs like ceiling decoration, attractive textured furniture & wardrobes, boxes and many more.